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Bonded Logistics


 - Collection and distribution of export goods
Achieve the goods assembled in different processing enterprises and different trade patterns, to achieve consistency and uniformity logistics deployment, while the realization of the zone tax rebate feature to speed up our clients cash flow.


 - Bonded storage & import distribution
Achieve the diversity and international in customer¡¯s procurement, duty-free and non-certificate for foreign goods stored, can be achieved with the RMB denominated in foreign currencies to reduce the corporate capital spending.


 - Re-export trading, transit of goods
Bonded Zone to achieve the re-export trade¡¯s capital flows, logistics and document flow and separation of multiple combinations, with ¡°free trade¡± and related functions.


 - Domestics products export re-import and enjoying the tax rebate
Bonded logistics park has ¡°inside while outside¡± concept in means once the goods enter the park, it is regarded as export goods with the tax rebate. Replacing the ¡°Hong Kong / Overseas Tour¡± to simplify processes and reduce logistics costs.


 - Inspection and maintain faulty goods and commodity show logistics service.


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